The New Wave

Thursday team meetings with the CEO of FIRST TEAM, Cameron Merage never ceases to spark determination.  What a motivation to hear from someone who started solely with wide eyes and big dreams about this ever so changing industry we call Real Estate. Cam founded the number one Brokerage in Orange County, CA almost 40 years ago.  After listening to him speak about his success & purpose, he inspired me to create a game plan of my own once again, to reach my personal goals as one of the youngest realtors with CHRSITIES INTERNATIONAL& FIRST TEAM REAL ESTATE.  

My mission is to bring a youthful & modern approach to an old-fashioned industry. To inspire younger generations there is more to life than social media and selfies while allowing people to view the reality that TV no longer offers, the honest struggle from the bottom to the top. That you do not need to be famous to be successful. True prosperity is reached by passion, motivation and hard work. Being the change that Real Estate needs, the new face, the new wave.